15 Stunning Illustrated Wedding Invitations

Illustrated Wedding Invitations

Stylish illustrated designs are the ideal way to ensure that your wedding stationery is entirely unique to you and make your wedding invitations even more personalized to you.

Why not choose a gorgeous set of illustrated wedding invitations if you want wedding stationery that is completely unique to you? Personalized illustrations let you be completely creative with your wedding stationery designs, whether you want caricature sketches of you and the partner or watercolor paintings of your wedding venue.

These wedding stationery providers are incredibly talented and can make designs that are totally unique to you; some are entirely bespoke and created to fit your preferences. What could be more romantic than having the history of your relationship detailed on a gorgeously made wedding invitation?

15 Most Creative Illustrated Wedding Invitations

Making Chelsea royalty Jamie Laing and Sophie Habboo jumped on the trend by having Sophie’s mother draw their invitations, which illustrates how popular wedding invitations with pictures are becoming. If you want to emulate the celebrity wedding trendsetters, you’ll be inundated with options for these breathtakingly beautiful illustrated wedding invitations.

Countryside Illustrated Wedding Invitation Design

Have your wedding stationery designer paint a watercolor to depict the location if you’re planning a country wedding; it’s the ideal way to give your guests a taste of what’s to come.

Wedding location Illustration Invitation

Consider incorporating the illustrated element as a smaller portion of your wedding invitation design if you’d prefer a more understated style.

Bespoke Wedding Stationery with Illustrations

The map on the invitation provides a visual of the area you’re getting married in. They can identify the wedding accommodations, ceremony location, reception venue, and local attractions for your guests to visit after the nuptials. If your wedding venue has expansive grounds or if you’re planning a destination wedding with a number of essential locations.

Wedding Venue Illustrated Invitation

This set of wedding invitations with illustrations has so many lovely features. This wedding invitation has it all, from the vellum cover and gold foiled lettering to the embossed venue information and the illustrated envelope insert. With a design like this, you can highlight your wedding venue in a variety of ways, and the illustrations’ quality is undeniable.

Beach Wedding Invitations Watercolour 

If you want an illustrated wedding invitation that isn’t specific to your wedding location, think about one that fits with your theme. This watercolor coastal wedding invitation might be the ideal choice for you. If you’re getting married at a coastal wedding venue or on a beach.

Wedding Invitation poster with illustrations

Couples looking for a more unique wedding invitation will adore this huge, unique design. A detailed wedding day itinerary that can be customized to fit your plans is included among the illustrations, which also include a map of the wedding venue’s grounds. No one will want to discard this wedding invitation because it’s both beautiful and practical.

Wedding Invitations with Antique Bumble Bee Illustration

It’s not necessary for illustrated wedding invitations to focus exclusively on the location or venue of your wedding. Crimson Letters’ sophisticated bee-themed design is a stunning example of their incredible skill and talent. This design is a great illustration of how picking a bee or any other animal or symbol has special meaning. Just as unique as having an image of your wedding venue.

Wedding Invitation Illustration with Floral Hand Drawn

The wedding venue, floral and botanical details, and an illustration of the couple themselves are all included in this colorful and intricate illustrated wedding invitation by Drawn by Rachael. The floral drawings can be customized to match your wedding’s theme or color scheme by emphasizing the wedding attire’s colors.

Invitation for Wedding with gold foil and illustrations

The copper detail catches your eye but doesn’t take anything away from the detailed and delicate sketch of this couple’s wedding venue. What better way to add glamour to a wedding invitation than a dash of metallic? On the envelope insert, in addition to the fantastic illustration of the venue itself. There are additional illustrations in the form of foliage.

Wedding Invitation with Vineyard Countryside Illustration

With this lovely illustrated wedding invitation, couples getting married in a vineyard or on a farm can honor their theme. A couple who prefers a more subdued color scheme will find the botanical wedding stationery design to be modern and straightforward.

Wedding Invitation with Illustrated Castle

With a lavishly illustrated wedding invitation like this, there isn’t a better way to honor your castle wedding venue. The wax seal is a welcome addition to the elegant combination of rough sketches and gold accents.

Wedding Stationery with Coastal Themed Illustration

With this lovely coastal wedding invitation, you can bring your seaside wedding invitation to life. Beautifully executed and perfectly complementing a beachy wedding theme are the scenic illustrations on the front.

Illustrated Stationery Design for Destination Weddings

This wedding invitation’s watercolor effect looks stunning on the tri-fold textured paper. This invitation includes details about your ceremony location, reception location, and wedding RSVP all in one beautifully designed package.

Wedding stationery collection with illustrations

Illustrations are used in many different types of designs besides wedding invitations. The entire suite of wedding stationery from Otto and Nibs consists of save-the-dates and RSVP cards. The invitation, a map of the location, and a pre-wedding invitation for the wedding party.

It’s ideal if you’re having your dogs at your wedding because the intricate illustrations give the overall design. So much depth and who wouldn’t want a pair of adorable puppies on their envelope inserts?

Illustration-based Wedding Invitation with a Mountain Theme

With this magical wedding invitation, you will astound your guests. If you’re getting married in a mountainous area or if you and your partner are active and want to honor your love of hiking or a special vacation, the mountain design is the ideal choice.

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