8 Common iPhone Problems and Their Fixes

8 Common iPhone Problems and Their Fixes

Your iPhone is your lifeline. If it glitches, crashes or cracks, you’re in trouble. How do you know whether to troubleshoot issues yourself? Here’s what to do for common iPhone problems.

  1.     “It won’t charge.”

Clean the power port. Still not charging? Check the charging cord, charging station or portable power bank. Test those items using other devices. If your cords and power sources work, it’s time for a professional diagnosis from your Oklahoma City iPhone repair shop.

  1.     “The battery dies.”

Temporarily enable “low power mode,” though you’ll lose functions like mail fetch for now. Check battery usage (in settings) to unveil apps draining power. Uninstall seldom-used apps. Look for apps that run constantly—that’s a power drain. For some apps, such as YouTube, consider using those sites over the internet instead. Load the latest operating system if you haven’t already.

  1.     “The screen’s cracked.”

Small cracks might only need tape if you’re getting a new phone soon. Spreading cracks merit attention. You may be able to fix it yourself, but you risk doing more damage. Third-party screen repairs don’t void Apple’s warranty, so take that spider-webbed screen to a specialist.

  1.     “I can’t get Wi-Fi.”

Is the problem the Wi-Fi or the phone? Turn your iPhone’s Wi-Fi off and on or try a restart. If you still can’t connect, test the Wi-Fi using a laptop or tablet. If those connect, the problem is the phone. Time to see a repair professional.

  1. “It’s wet!”

A slip by the sink, a drop from the dock, and you panic. Dry the exterior immediately. If the phone’s on, turn it off. If it’s off, don’t switch it on. What next? If you said, “Bury it in rice,” think again. Rice can get stuck in ports. If you have silica packets (the kind that comes inside packages to keep contents dry), put the phone in a bag with them.

Call your Oklahoma City iPhone repair service. A wet phone isn’t a home repair job. A technician can dismantle it, dry and inspect parts, and help recover data.

  1.     “My phone just…crashes.”

Total crash or “white/blue/black screen of death,” your first option is to hold down your sleep/wake and home buttons (or sleep/wake and volume buttons, depending on your iPhone) simultaneously for a reset. If that doesn’t work, you could restore your phone yourself using iTunes, or restore it to factory settings—which ditches your data. If you don’t want to go it alone, take your phone to a technician to determine the problem and help save your data.

  1.     “Storage is full. Again.”

Use iCloud storage, transfer files to your computer, remove apps, and delete e-mails. Investigate wireless drives, flash drives, or a microSD card for extra storage. An iPhone repair firm can advise you about options.

  1.     “I’ve lost my touch.”

For an unresponsive touch screen, try a restart. If that fails, call your repair shop. Certain models lose touch capability over time, or if dropped, and they need expert help.  

If you experience any of the iPhone problems above, contact us for the best iPhone repair services in the OKC area. Our experienced technicians can expertly diagnose and repair any of these common iPhone issues above. Trying to attempt at-home repair often leads to further damage. To learn more about our iPhone repair services or to schedule an appointment, contact us today HERE. 

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