How VoIP Call Analytics Can Help Your Business

How VoIP Call Analytics Can Help Your Business

VoIP is an excellent phone system for businesses because it offers valuable analytics and data on phone calls. It allows business leaders to monitor call data and use it to set and achieve goals and enhance the customer experience. Regularly utilising VoIP’s call analytics can improve call quality, customer satisfaction, and retention and help identify areas for improvement for the business. 

If you are newly switched to VoIP and want to know more about VoIP analytics, keep reading this article. 

What Is VoIP Call Analytics?  

VoIP call analytics is a feature that many VoIP phone systems today come equipped with, which is particularly useful for businesses that handle a large volume of inbound and outbound customer calls daily. The analytics can be easily accessed through a VoIP dashboard on a desktop or mobile application, providing actionable data such as quality assurance that can aid the company’s growth.

By monitoring call analytics, businesses can gain a deeper understanding of the patterns behind customer and client calls, allowing them to make improvements accordingly. Companies that use call analytics in their VoIP phone system have been known to experience higher customer satisfaction, retention, and call quality and greater insight into how employees engage with customers and customers’ buying behaviour trends.

What Data Can You Get Through VoIP Analytics? 

VoIP providers typically offer call analytics as a feature, which can often be customised to meet your organisation’s specific needs. By setting up specific reports within the call analytics tool, your team can regularly gain insight into call quality, customer experience, and other important metrics. Some examples of data VoIP reports can provide as follows: 

  • Call tracking
  • Call logs 
  • Call recording
  • Lead management 
  • Call queue reporting 
  • Lead scoring
  • Talk time 
  • Answered Vs missed calls 
  • Custom KPI measurement 
  • Virtual Receptionist Data 

When using a call analytics tool, you can generate different reports to provide valuable insights. The user interface allows you to easily select and view the most beneficial reports for your organisation. VoIP phone consists of a cloud-based phone book, and you can see your call details when you click on any of your contacts.   

Additionally, many VoIP call analytics features can predict future patterns and behaviours, such as peak call times and monthly call volume. It can enable your team to set goals, make informed predictions, and continuously improve.

How Can VoIP Analytics Improve Your Business?

Monitoring and analysing VoIP call data can aid businesses in identifying areas for improvement and setting realistic goals. By consistently reviewing call analytics and reports, businesses can pinpoint issues hindering their progress and develop strategies to enhance customer service, gain a deeper understanding of their customers, and improve overall performance.

Quality Assurance

By utilising call analytics for quality assurance, companies can gain insight into key metrics such as voice clarity, call duration, and wait times. This information can be used to identify patterns and trends over time, allowing managers to make data-driven decisions and continuously improve the quality of customer phone calls.

Improved Customer Service

Call analytics offer valuable data and insights into customer interactions with your business. It can provide information on metrics such as average wait and hold times, call duration, customer satisfaction and more. Companies can also gather feedback through customer surveys during calls by using a virtual receptionist. By closely monitoring these insights, managers can take action to improve customer service and enhance the overall customer experience.

Boost Employee Performance 

VoIP call analytics allow you to monitor and evaluate the performance of employees and customer service representatives during phone interactions with customers. These analytics, such as call recordings, call time, and call count data, can provide insight into whether employees adhere to company protocols and call scripts. You can use this information to make data-driven decisions and improve employee performance.

Analyse Customers Behaviour 

VoIP call analytics can provide valuable information on customer behaviour, including trends and insights into customer issues, concerns, and questions. Organisations can identify and resolve customer concerns by analysing call recordings and improving customer satisfaction. Additionally, call analytics can provide data on customer purchasing patterns, peak sales times, conversion rates, and more, which can inform business decisions and improve customer experience.

Which Industries Can Benefit From VoIP Analytics 

Many industries can benefit from VoIP call analytics, but some may rely on it more than others. Industries that are customer-centric and want to gain a deeper understanding of call behaviours and patterns can greatly benefit from this technology. Examples of such industries include businesses that deal with sales and customer service, financial institutions, healthcare providers, telecommunication companies and more.


In conclusion, VoIP call analytics is a valuable feature for businesses that handle a large volume of inbound and outbound customer calls. It provides actionable data and insights on call quality, customer satisfaction, employee performance, and other important metrics. By regularly utilising VoIP’s call analytics, businesses can improve call quality, customer satisfaction, and retention and identify areas for improvement. It can also be used for quality assurance, customer service, and employee performance evaluations. Businesses can make informed decisions using this data-driven approach and continuously improve overall performance.

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