11 Most Common SEO Mistakes New E-Commerce Websites Make

11 Most Common SEO Mistakes New E-Commerce Websites Make

Search engine optimization. If you want to drive traffic to your website, this is one of the most basic concepts you need to be familiar with. Basically, this digital marketing discipline that involves maximizing the number of people who will visit your online portal by making sure that it ranks high on search engine sites like Google.

A DC SEO company would know, however, that learning and mastering SEO is not as simple as ABC. New businesses frequently do faulty SEO practices that hinder them from hitting their desired outcomes. If you are an up-and-comer in the world of online selling, you should equip yourself first with SEO fundamentals. Here are commons mistakes you need to avoid.

Choosing inappropriate keywords

Think of the words that your target audience will type on the search engine bar. Avoid generic words like bags — be more specific instead, for instance, bags for ladies.

Stuffing of keywords

Be careful not to stuff useless keywords on your page or else, it will look spammy. Keyword stuffing often leads to higher bounce rates, meaning people hit your site but bounces back immediately.

Creating bad product descriptions

Product descriptions play a key role in optimizing an e-commerce website. Create a unique, quality description (do not just copy from the manufacturer’s) and strategically use your keywords.

Getting lazy about making unique titles

Just like the case of production descriptions, you need to come up with unique titles as well in order to get high SEO scores. It is a common practice among e-commerce sites to use the “brand-product” combination for titles.

Forgetting about SEO-friendliness of URLs

It is not only the content per se that you need to optimize. Ask a DC SEO company and they would most probably also recommend making your URL SEO-friendly. URLs help search engines to determine what your page is all about.

Not putting image alt text

As an e-commerce site, you use mages as the main star among your content. Invest time and energy in optimizing your alt text (words describing what the image is about) to increase your SEO ranking.

Ignoring the power of product reviews

Studies show that around 70 percent of online consumers read reviews to gain more confidence in the product they are buying. Do not forget to encourage your customers to leave reviews about your items.

Duplicating your content

The discipline of SEO puts high regard in the uniqueness of content. Enlist the help of rockstar writers to help you avoid duplicate content across your e-commerce site.

Neglecting internal linking

Internal linking is more than just an SEO technique. Apart from racking up your SEO score, it will also help your customers discover more of the content your website offers.

Not improving your site’s slow page loading speed

With all the images and graphics your website has, they can take a toll on your page’s loading speed. Avoid having a slow site so you would not ward off potential (even loyal) customers.

Not including sharing buttons

Like what any DC SEO company would want for their client, the content of an e-commerce site needs to get out there in the Internet. Add a sharing functionality to make it easy for your audience to share your products on social media sites.

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