Get Real Instagram Followers with These Tips

Get Real Instagram Followers with These Tips

Instagram swiftly outgrew its initial reputation as an entertaining app for teenagers. Today Instagram has evolved into a highly effective audience building, marketing tool for brands who want to get real Instagram followers and generate leads and sales. That said, it’s going to take an innovative strategy because Instagram has more than 200 million active monthly users, sharing over 60 million images, which means competition is high.

Following a few attention-getting strategies that will help you get real Instagram followers and more engagement and visibility as well.

Stories Highlights

Instagram Stories Highlights motivate users to engage with your business, viewing your content, and finding out more about your products or services. Once you’ve created your Stories highlights, get your active followers to watch them by generating views via your regular Instagram posts. Then, your followers will go to your Instagram profile to watch the highlight you referred to in your post, where they’ll find your other Stories Highlights that they’ll most likely be interested in, watch and become even more engaged with. Now your Instagram profile will become a valuable resource for your followers that they will visit consistently. This will help you get real Instagram followers and grow brand engagement.

Make the most of your bio URL.

Your Instagram profile should be considered prime real estate, so take advantage of it. One way to do this is and get more targeted Instagram followers is to make the most of your bio URL, changing it at least twice a week. Instead of always linking to your website’s home page, link it to your latest popular content.

Take Advantage of Influencer Marketing

Influencers are people who “influence” the individuals that you would like to get in front of. First, visit the profiles of each brand or individual you have identified as an influencer in your space. Then, turn on “Post Notifications” which will notify you every time an “influencer” shares new content. To get more real Instagram followers, you need to interact with them consistently and become one of their favorite brands or people.

Engage with Other Instagram Accounts

If you want to generate a more engaged Instagram community, you are going to need to ramp up the time you spend engaging with other Instagram accounts as well. Examples include asking their opinions about something you’re working on after posting a picture of the project. It could also be as simple as asking followers how their day is going. Don’t over think.

Get Creative with Hashtags

When considering Instagram caption ideas, look beyond the obvious, over used, one-word hashtags. Yes, you can use these too, but mix it up by coming up with creative hashtags that tell part of your brand’s story. They can be ironic, humorous, and even a bit outrageous – just not boring.

Instagram blows away other social sites when it comes to engagement rates with brands that are creative with their Instagram marketing. If you want to follow their lead, you need to get real Instagram followers and continue to consistently put in the work.

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