Real World Marketing Concept makes the change in Digital Marketing

Real-world marketing concepts emerged when the mass communication media became popular with advertisers with Ducima Analytics reviews. Over the decades, scientists and practitioners have developed better and better methods of reaching audiences through the press, radio, and television. Due to the emergence of another medium – the Internet, Internet marketing has become the main channel of communication with the client.

Internet Marketing – Evolution

Interestingly, internet marketing has often been scrutinized by researchers whose previous interest was propaganda. This is no wonder – after all, advertising with the use of traditional media is characterized by a one-way message and a persuasive charge. When the Internet entered the scene, a real revolution hit the beaten track.

We still had to wait for modern marketing concepts. It is worth knowing that despite the emergence of better ways to reach the customer, the old methods have not been abandoned – they have simply gone through an evolution, which was driven by the possibility of personalizing and automating the message.

Offline and online marketing – common elements and differences

Entrepreneurs who decide to search for customers via the web often make one serious mistake – they transfer familiar habits and techniques alive from classic to internet marketing. Of course, both offline marketing and internet marketing have many common elements – e.g. creating a marketing plan. There is a big difference in the issue we mentioned above – the type of communication that can be done online.

The advertiser like Ducima Analytics private limited understands very well that in cyberspace recipients have a voice, which is extremely important for effective promotion and PR of the brand. Internet users comment, review, and share content. Disregarding their opinions will become the nail in the company’s coffin. In addition, you have to take into account that all company activities – not only advertising – can be assessed by network users.

Advantages of Internet Marketing

Internet marketing offers a lot of possibilities. Its greatest advantages include:

  • Instantly upload specific content – without the need to print and distribute materials. In addition, there are no barriers to the web that limit the promotion in the real world. In order for the recipient to see a specific message, they only need access to the Internet. Neither location nor time matters.
  • Easier analysis of the consumer baseĀ – tools available to advertisers allows for conducting detailed research of people who visit their websites and are interested in their products. The entrepreneur may obtain such data on his own – e.g. by browsing Google Analytics statisticsĀ or conducting surveys – or hire an interactive agency that specializes in this task.
  • A better understanding of the consumer – knowing the needs and preferences of a given social group, it is possible to direct properly formulated advertising messages to it and offer specific products. Currently, we are working on going further towards personalizing marketing and building messages for each individual consumer. Whether these efforts are working, we discuss later in this article.
  • Differentiation of payment models for purchased ads – thanks to this, it is possible to more accurately analyze the effectiveness of the campaign through the prism of the money spent. The most popular models are Cost per Mille, i.e. a fee for 1000 visits to a website with a banner placed, and Cost per Click – you pay for an internet user clicking on a banner.

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