Why businesses today switch over to Dedicated Server?

Why businesses today switch over to Dedicated Server?

A dedicated server in simple terms means that it is a kind of hosting service that is being offered to customers where they get the privilege to use a server for their particular website, alone. This clearly shows that the server will not be shared by any other apart, except by your website.

It’s quite contrasting to a shared server which is quite the opposite. In a shared server setting, the server is shared to multiple websites which do carry several cons too. The other name of a cheap dedicated server unmetered is also known as dedicated hosting. You can get it set in the office itself or the services could be provided externally too, within the data center facility.

Dedicated Server and its pros:

·  Server Customization

One of the very important features of a dedicated server is that it grants you more power and freedom as compared to other sets of hosting available services. Since you can understand from the name itself that it is dedicated to only one customer/website, you are free to customize it and change its settings as per the need of the website. This also means that you get the ability to select the features and resources you need, and only pay for those that you require.

· Uptime

In the time where waiting is something no customer is willing to approve of, it gets highly crucial for websites to run smoothly and quickly, at all times. If there is downtime witnessed by any website recurrently then there is the probability that the site will soon be left with no customer at all. With the cut-throat competition too, you cannot be open to such instances.

The performance of a website very much depends on its hosting. Due to this reason you have to choose the right hosting for your site very carefully. Here comes the most important question, how you can choose the best hosting for your website. This is one of the most popular hosting service providers for bloggers and small business owners. Currently, they are hosting around 2 million websites. They are known for offering excellent load time and uptime. In addition, they also offer free domain name and site transfer.

This is another important thing that you need to check before buying hosting. The support team of your service provider will help you to get the answers to all of your website related questions.

So, these are the three most important things that you need to check before buying hosting. In the section below we will discuss about the five best service providers that are excellent in the three categories mentioned above.

With a dedicated server, you will notice stability from the very start with the high-speed performance of the server. All your online business functions will operate efficiently. With this server, you also get back-up facilities and professional monitoring services where downtime has no chance to take place.

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