Advantages of Having a Dedicated Server

Advantages of Having a Dedicated Server

Most large and even small business faces a large variety of options for the hosting of their website, mail server, or web application. The common option is to be sharing hosting, where the single server resources are shared by several separate websites.

Other option

A company that is looking for more control or more power might need a service provider offering dedicated hosting. With dedicated hosting, a business rents a server from the dedicated hosting provider and has sole use of the resources of that server. A good hosting provider works with new clients to give them the RAM, CPU and disk storage that is needed. The hosting provider supports the server, reducing any upfront cost for a new business. Many who are experts in this field advice that a good business website should be hosted on a cheap 1gbps dedicated server.


Advantages of choosing a dedicated hosting provider are:

  • Resources are not shared
  • Enhanced performance
  • Better security

Server resources


When choosing a dedicated hosting provider, you and your website get the full resources of a single server. You will not have the worry of other websites jamming up the server’s CPU and RAM. You can also be assured that a bad script running on other websites or any spikes in the use of bandwidth will not be slowing your server and your website down.

Should you switch to a dedicated server, make sure you have the technical skill so that you can easily handle any issues that you might encounter while using the server. If you are going to choose a dedicated server, you have to make sure you consider all important factors such as the hardware options, operating system, and bandwidth, to name a few. Basically, a dedicated server offers all the perks you won’t find in a shared server.

Performance and security

Choosing a provider of dedicated hosting will guarantee the maximum time up for your business website. Shared hosting is in most cases better for websites having low or medium traffic. If your business website receives lots of web traffic, a dedicated server provides you more reliability and stability than any shared hosting. By having a dedicated server, you also can be assured that you are not sharing server space with a website of a spammer or are malicious in some way. Dedicated hosting also allows for security that is enhanced, which is important for those businesses that manage deals over FTP or SSL.

As you can clearly see, the best option for businesses is having a hosting service that provides them with a dedicated server.

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