Will Legal Automation software consume the jobs of lawyers?

Will Legal Automation software consume the jobs of lawyers?

The last decade has seen a surge in technology, and A.I. has been a highlight of it. Where there are robots who can almost respond to the queries that we put before, their fear is pulsating alongside if it would take over legal work too. After all, law is all about terms and clauses, and in Checkbox legal automation software could easily handle them! This is what people think at least. But is law all about it? Experts have their say that although Legal Automation will handle much work, lawyers need not dread this technology because it would only take down the redundancy from their work. Automation is rather helpful for lawyers, as they suffer from huge paperwork consuming their precious hours – with legal automation coming beside, it is going to be that friend who helps carry the load for you. But there is more that people need to know.

Is law all about terms and clauses?

Only if we could go to court with our grievances, and jury would look into the big books of law and put forth the judgment. But terms and clauses are only the tip of an iceberg that makes a lawyer – there is much depth that people look over. Courts around the world are infamous for their backlogs and heaps of pale and weary bundles speaking decades of handovers – this drags down the legal workflow. When it comes to automating the legal workflow, machines work as an extended brain that takes over the non-creative work – as collecting information from the clients, providing clients with the necessary information, clarity of records, getting things scheduled as required, or sifting clients accordingly – and this leaves to lawyer and clients to think about the necessities that could define a case. The best thing about these automation software is that they do not require a person to have any foreknowledge of how-to-code. Anybody can define their working process to the Legal Automation Software through some easy steps and leave it to handle thereafter.

Is Automation the same as Artificial Intelligence?

It must be known that Artificial Intelligence and Workflow Automation software are different things. Artificial Intelligence comes where machinery could think like a human and respond accordingly – their possibility is a little far at the present date. Startups, such as Lawgeex, Klarity, LexCheek, are working toward A.I., where the thousand pages long minutiae could be read and analyzed by Artificial Intelligence for problematic portions. The base of it is going to be NLP (Natural Language Processing). This would further reform the legal industry, which is one of the largest in the world due to its dealing in almost all dynamics of life. Law is of the things that make us Human. And with the arrival of such A.I., the decision making will surely improve. For now the work gets done with some human involvement, where the appropriate person sits and reviews the analysis of A.I.  

Till that day when A.I. would be a reality around, the no-code automation software Click here for more info will keep improving the legal industry for the betterment of this world.

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