Web Hosting, Cloud Computing, and Dedicated Servers: Explained

Web Hosting, Cloud Computing, and Dedicated Servers: Explained

Ever since the internet has been introduced in the world, it has been rapidly growing, expanding, and evolving beneficially for everyone that uses it. With the rapid features and growth of the internet, there is never a dull moment for anyone across the world.

Several factors include the functioning of the internet that makes the work of people globally easy to operate across the wide network virtually via WAN or LAN. Terms like web hosting, cloud computing, and dedicated servers are common in the world of technology where every business/company adapting itself to the digital world.

Several developers and programmers worldwide such as WeHaveServers offer the services of different kinds of servers that help in connecting the businesses to the world via the internet and links of servers virtually that help in growing, evolving, and expanding it through the world of technology.

Definition of technological terms

●      Web Hosting

It is a process of showcasing a business’s website online for people all over the internet can view without any hassle. Web Hosting provides a space where a company stores all the files and databases online.

The features of web hosting are as follow:

  • Easy to maintain
  • Cost-effective
  • Flexible to use
  • Customizable configuration system

●      Cloud Computing

It is a computing service that offers a unique function with minimal management, a configurable system, cost-effective rates, and space where multiple clients virtually connect.  It is also one of the widely used servers that is an extremely valuable computing system.

The characteristics of cloud computing are as follow:

  • It can work without any interaction from the human.
  • Cloud computing is accessible over a wide network and on any device such as mobile phones or computers.
  • Cloud Computing is easy to maintain.
  • The storage service of cloud computing is fast and reliable with an essential security system.

●      Dedicated Servers

The definition of a dedicated server is that it is a server that provides a space that is dedicated to only one particular website and there is no intervention from other clients or websites that makes it the most widely used server in several enterprises and businesses.

The features of a dedicated server are as follow:

  • High-level security system
  • Flexible functions
  • Expensive but efficient working
  • Unique servicing and IP address for websites

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